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Call for proposals for round tables 
XXVI Myrmecology Symposium: an international ant meeting
It is a great pleasure to announce the call of XXVI Simpósio de Mirmecologia for roundtable proposals. The symposium is scheduled from 22 to 26 October 2023 at Universidade Federal do Amazonas in Manaus. The symposium website will be frequently updated with information and news about the symposium, which also can be checked on social media.

Aiming to promote a representative, attractive, dynamic, and democratic event, the organizing committee will keep the initiative to offer the opportunity for the myrmecological community to propose roundtable discussions. We understand that this call contributes to the symposium's current and attractive round-tables that attend to the broad audience of the myrmecological community. Moreover, in this way, the organizing and scientific committees are committed to having a great diversity of representations in the symposium program. Thus, we strongly ask that the round-table proposal consider gender diversity, origins, and opinions in its member composition.
The round-tables approved will be included in the symposium program. There are two formats for roundtables: i) three speakers and a one-half hour time; or ii) four speakers and two hours.

The round-table proposal must adhere to the rules listed below:
1 - The round-table proposal should have a general title and attend at least one of the subjects of the symposium (see Appendix 1)
2 - Each table should contain three or four speakers, one being the organizer. All round-table speakers should be identified by name, institution, and email. We reinforce that the round-table organizer must also be one of the speakers. The organizer should also contact and invite the other speakers and coordinate the abstract submission of all speakers. To increase the speakers' diversity, we will only allow the participation of speakers at one table. Thus the roundtable organizer must be sure that the speakers of its round-table are not included in other proposals or organizing other roundtable proposals.
3 - Each proposal should briefly describe the roundtable subject in a single text (maximal 400 words), including an introduction, scientific relevance and aims.
4 - Please include a title for each talk in the roundtable, even if it is a provisional version.
5 - The proposal should describe the criteria for representativeness in the round-table (see Appendix 2).
6 - The proposal should follow the format and be sent according to the instructions presented in Appendix 3.
7 - The deadline to send the proposal is 12th June 2023. This deadline will not be extended.
8 - The proposal should be sent to the email of the Scientific Committee ([email protected]) with the following subject: Roundtable proposal Mirmeco 2023 [ORGANIZER NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS]

Each proposal will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and scored regarding text scientific quality, subject approach, originality, experience, and speaker diversity. The decision on roundtables proposals will be informed to the organizer by email up to 16th June 2023. All the abstracts of the talks presented in the approved roundtables should be sent by 30th June 2023 following the same format as general abstracts. 

ATTENTION: The abstract of the roundtable presentations should be sent by the organizer to the Organizing Committee by email (the submission instructions will be sent along with the approval letter of the roundtable proposal).

Important Information: The high costs associated with an international event and the current economic situation regarding financial support provided by scientific agencies in Brazil poses several challenges to the event organization. Aiming to offer an inclusive event, the values of registration fees were established to be as low as possible. Therefore, the Organizing Committee could not provide any financial support regarding travel, accommodation, and registration fees costs to the round-table speakers. Therefore, all the speakers must complete their registration for the event. We ask the roundtable organizer to consider these points when inviting the speakers. Nevertheless, the Organizing Committee is already dedicating all efforts to try to cover the costs of speakers, and the round-table organizers will be immediately informed when we succeed.

We thank you in advance for your attention and invite the myrmecological community to submit their proposal. Let's do a great event together!

Best regards,

XXVI Simpósio de Mirmecologia - Organizing Committee

Appendix 1 - Themes of the XXVI Simpósio de Mirmecologia

1. Bioinvasion and Pest Control, Urban Ants
2. Innovation, Scientific Communication, History of Myrmecology, Curatorial Practice, Ethnomyrmecology, and Diversity & Inclusion.
3. Behavioral Ecology and Ecological Interactions
4. Population/Community/Ecosystem Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Bioindication
5. Physiology, Anatomy, and Chemical Ecology
6. Genetics, Evolution, Phylogeny, Taxonomy, Morphology, Systematics, Phylogeography, and Biogeography.

Appendix 2 – Considerations on Diversity & Inclusion in roundtable proposals

Round tables are an excellent opportunity to discuss important and relevant ideas for Myrmecology. However, it is essential that proposals take into consideration the diversity of voices and perspectives to ensure a more plural discussion. Please take time to consider the diversity of the speaker line-up of the round-table. Proposals with a well-thought-out speaker line-up that include diverse backgrounds (gender, ethnicity, career stage, etc.) and international or cross-disciplinary collaborations are strongly encouraged. Therefore, we strongly encourage round-table organizers to consider the following issues when preparing their proposals:

- Does your round-table proposal represent the diversity of work on a particular topic, with speakers from different backgrounds?

- Are you including speakers from usually underrepresented or neglected social groups in your round-table?

Appendix 3 – Guidelines for preparing roundtable proposals

Note: Proposals written in Portuguese, English, or Spanish will be evaluated, but titles and abstracts must be written in English.

Proposal template

Title (maximum 20 words):

Theme (see appendix 1):

Type of roundtable:
( ) 3 speakers - 1,5 hours ( ) 4 speakers - 2 hours

Description (maximum 400 words):
A brief introduction, scientific justification, and objective of the round table.

Diversity & Inclusion (maximum 250 words):
Brief description of how the composition of the roundtable proposal considers the representation of different groups and perspectives (see appendix 2).

Organizer: XXXX

Speakers and titles:
1. Speaker 1 Name - Title of the talk - idiom of the talk
2. Speaker 2 Name - Title of the talk - idiom of the talk
3. Speaker 3 Name - Title of the talk - idiom of the talk
4. Speaker 4 Name - Title of the talk - idiom of the talk

Addresses and emails:
Organizer's institution, city, state or province, country. Email: xxx@xxx
Speaker 2's institution, city, state or province, country. Email: xxx@xxx
Speaker 3's institution, city, state or province, country. Email: xxx@xxx
Speaker 4's institution, city, state or province, country. Email: xxx@xxx

Título (máximo 20 palavras): XXXXXXXXX
Tema (veja Anexo 1): XXXXXX
Tipo da mesa: ( ) 3 palestrantes, 1,5 hora ( ) 4 palestrantes, 2 horas
Descrição da mesa (máximo 400 palavras): Breve inntrodução, justificativa científica e objetivo da mesa-redonda.
Diversidade e inclusão (máximo 250 palavras): Breve descrição sobre como a composição da proposta de mesa-redonda considera a representatividade de diferentes grupos e perspectivas.
Nome do Coordenador: XXXX
Palestrantes e títulos:
1. Nome Palestrante 1 – Título da palestra - idioma da palestra
2. Nome Palestrante 2 – Título da palestra - idioma da palestra
3. Nome Palestrante 3 – Título da palestra - idioma da palestra
4. Nome Palestrante 4 – Título da palestra - idioma da palestra

Endereços e emails:

1. Instituição do/da Coordenador/a, cidade, estado ou província, país. Email: xxx@xxx
2. Instituição Palestrante 2, cidade, estado ou província, país. Email: xxx@xxx
3. Instituição Palestrante 3, cidade, estado ou província, país. Email: xxx@xxx
4. Instituição Palestrante 4, cidade, estado ou província, país. Email: xxx@xxx
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